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Sep 17, 2015

Bought: Briggs & Riley BRX Excursion Laptop Backpack

Briggs & Riley BRX Excursion Backpage

Just before our trip last month to Washington, D.C., Steve surprised me with an early birthday gift. It was a Briggs & Riley BRX Excursion laptop backpack I had been eyeing at my favourite local travel accessories store, U.N. Luggage. Here’s my review based on my first trip with it.

Briggs & Riley Fangirl

First of all, I’ll disclose that I am a genuine Briggs & Riley fangirl when it comes to luggage. The company makes high quality stuff and has a kick-ass warranty. It covers defects in workmanship or materials as well as accidental damage of any kind, including by airlines. When Steve’s Briggs & Riley luggage was returned to him after the airline had lost it, one of the rivets was missing. We took it to U.N. Luggage and they fixed it. No questions, no cost. Nice. With the amount of travel we do, this is great piece of mind.

Hot mess of tech-branded freebie bags

I almost always travel with my laptop because I’m usually working remotely. I was using a variety of different freebie bags that Steve had brought home from tech conferences. Yes, they protected my Macbook, but they were uncomfortable, awkward, and frankly butt ugly.

Freebie Laptop Bags

The only statement these bags make is “I’ve been to a tech conference.”

The BRX Excursion Backpack

A few features had me coveting the BRX Excursion Backpack:

  • The olive and grey colour combo and quality fabrics
  • Its compact structure, yet good organization of pockets and compartments, which provide generous room.
  • The slip-through back strap that allows you to slide it over the handle of your rolling luggage.

Baggage strap BRX Excursion Backpack

This last feature is a total winner because those freebie backpacks I was using always slid off when I tried to prop them on top of my roller luggage to give my back a break. It usually happened when I was rushing for a connecting flight along the moving walkway, blocking someone else’s way in the process. It always left me feeling like a travel novice instead of the chic and sophisticated traveller I knew I was destined to be!

The verdict

I love this backpack. It’s perfect for a digital nomad who needs to organize electronics but still have room for a few other essential items (e.g., a pair of shoes, toiletries, a spare outfit in case checked luggage is delayed).

Interior of the BRX Excursion Backpack

I count 10 pockets. This keeps cables, snacks, and toiletries organized and accessible.

Hooks on BRX Excursion Backpack

Loops on the side of the bag can be used to attach bulkier items or something that you want immediately accessible.

The pack is comfortable to wear and has adjustable straps to customize the fit. It has tons of pockets, including a nice padded laptop area. The mesh fabric on the back keeps me cool while carrying it on my shoulders. I don’t think I’d use it for a daypack on a rustic hike, but that’s not why I wanted it. The BRX Excursion strikes the right balance of functionality and professional style making it perfect for my travelling office.

Check out more details and pricing.

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